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3M UK Business to Business Portal

...closer collaboration with our customers via electronic communication.

3M Europe already processes nearly 5 million order lines annually in electronic form. We would like to extend this to more customers.

If you are not already a customer of 3M, please contact our customer service department to discuss setting up an account.

Advantages of eCommunication

Reduced cycle time
Data can be sent and received, 24 hours a day. Because electronic communications allows business to continue outside the normal business day, the turnaround time for a business document can be reduced from days to hours or minutes.
Increased efficiency
More than 70% of manual data entry tasks originate from computer-generated documents. When trading partners develop compatible electronic documents, data is never rekeyed, or manually filed.
Improved accuracy
Electronic communication can eliminate work and reduce the risk of human error, reducing the risk of returns and missing order lines.
Optimised inventory
Since electronic communications can be integrated into a company's business structure, they can provide faster, better, and more accurate information about inventory status. Replenishment can be driven by consumption and changing needs can be quickly assessed and responded to without manual intervention or review.
Improved business relationships
Setting up electronic communications requires both trading partners to gain a better understanding of each other's business processes. Implementation involves the entire organization and expands the channels of communication.
Better for the environment
3M would rather communicate with our partners electronically that via paper. If we used paper for each order currently sent electronically, each year 3M Europe would generate a stack of paper over 15 stories high!
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Did you know?
When EDI was invented, computer programs were still written on paper punch cards.

We can run our computer programs without using paper now, but our lines of code cannot be more than 80 characters - because that is how wide the punch cards used to be!