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3M Auto Care Products and Accessories
3M Auto Care Products and Accessories
3M Auto Care Products and Accessories
Enter the world
of auto racing.

Enter the world of auto racing

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Car Owner Products

  • Fix a scratch, tune the engine or wash and wax. Major or minor, 3M Auto has a solution for your next auto project. Let the science within 3M help you succeed.

  • Find a 3M dealer and installer near you, and discover how 3M is working to keep vehicle interiors cool, reduce glare, and improve comfort and security.

  • Create a cool and distinctive new look for your vehicle with films available in high gloss colors, matte finishes, brushed metal or textured carbon fiber.

3M Automotive Brands

  • A leader in fillers and accessories for auto repairs and restorations

  • Keep vehicles looking newer, longer with Scotchgard™ protection

  • We have been designing glue and adhesives with the automotive car owner in mind since 1914. Today, we offer solutions to suit almost any need.

  • Check out videos and tips for completing your next auto project in our How-to-Center, and see how you can repair, restore, maintain, or protect your car.

  • Browse 500+ products, ready to buy and all in one place

  • 3M Automotive for Car Owners

    Car owners around the world trust 3M to provide them with cutting edge solutions for their vehicle. Sandpaper, tape, automotive glues, cleaners, waxes and polishes are just a few of the over 400 products we carry for car enthusiasts, restorers, and every car owner. Our team combines science and innovation to develop automotive products that are easy to use, affordable, and do the job. From the 3M™ Headlight Lens Restoration Kit, which restores clouded or yellowed lights, to clear wraps and spray-on products that can protect your paint from rock chips. For first class installation of vehicle wraps and window films, find a 3M certified dealer near you.