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As 3Mers, we combine imaginative thinking with science-based technology to create continually evolving solutions. With nearly 40 business units organized into five market segments, we tackle real-world problems with an array of inventive approaches, satisfying customers in diverse fields like health care, safety, office products, and transportation. You’re probably already familiar with some of what we do. Now put your expertise and passion into our world-changing brands. Learn more about the areas that will fuel your inspiration.

3M At A Glance

  • Worldwide sales: $30 billion
  • Operations in more than 65 countries
  • 84,000 employees worldwide
  • 40 international companies with manufacturing operations, 35 with laboratories
  • Operations in 28 states in the United States
  • 8,200 researchers (4,100 in the United States)
  • Operations in 21 Central East Europe (CEE) countries
  • Almost 4,000 CEE Employees

3M Vision

Market Segment Businesses

Consumer Business
Products for the office and home including Scotch®, Post-it®, Filtrete®, Command™, and Nexcare™ Brands.

Electronics & Energy Business
Innovative solutions for the electrical, electronics, and telecommunications industries.

Health Care Business
Products that promote and improve the quality, cost, and outcomes of care.

Industrial Business
Tapes, abrasives, adhesives and more for everything from automotive to aerospace.

Safety & Graphics Business
Border document devices, road signage, and other products that increase the safety of people, facilities, and systems.

Find out more about our products.

Values, Ethics, & Sustainability

What we stand for is as important as what we bring to market. We’re committed to honesty and integrity in the workplace—and in our contact with consumers and the wider world. We value our role in environmental stewardship by upholding sustainable development principles.


Our first chairman of the board, William L. McKnight, said it best back in 1944. “As our business grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to encourage men and women to exercise their initiative." Here, leadership is defined not only by business results, but by the way those results are achieved.

Learn more about current 3M leadership:

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