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Magnus Forsblom about 3M PELTOR X2 and COMFORT

Magnus Forsblom

Magnus Forsblom
Astra Zeneca Responible for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
at a factory with 1700 workers

”I don’t care about specific brands, I just want the best. The best? It’s 3M Peltor!”

”The noise at my work is not constant but intermittent and gets higher around specific machines at the industrial floor. Every single aspect of protection and safety is very important to me. We have specific demands apart from comfort, for example that the earmuffs are easy to clean. It is also very important that there is no risk for loose parts to fall from the earmuffs into the production line. 3M Peltor X are comfortable to wear, I feel no pressure at my head and they are not too tight. They are durable and are easy to clean frequently. I tried the 3M Peltor X2 muffs, they are easy to adjust, has good solid design, look and feel good on – factors that make them very appealing and easier to use more regular. Compared to other earmuffs, it’s like night and day. I don’t care about specific brands, I just want the best. The best? It’s 3M Peltor!”

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Peltor™ X Series

Ear muffs which combines excellent protection with the ultimate comfort

More about Peltor™ X Seriess


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