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3M™ Powerflow™ 7900PF

Powerflow 7900PF

ThePowertoProtectYour World

The 3M™ Powerflow™ 7900PF combines the Full-face mask with the 3M™ Powerflow Powered Air Turbo to form a power-assisted system offering respiratory protection against solid and liquid particles.

Explore the Powerflow™ 7900PF key features

Powerflow 7900PF



  • Combines respiratory, eye and face protection in one integrated device
  • Approved to the latest regulations
  • Six-strap harness and double face seal provides a reliable fit
  • Offers highest levels of respiratory protection for this type of device (EN12942:1998 TM3P)
  • Maintains a minimum flow of 160 l/min for 5 hours
  • Can be worn with a hard hat
Powerflow 7900PF



  • Smooth shape
  • IP54 rated Lithium-ion battery for showering
  • Easy to change fuse
  • Shrouded switch design
  • Easy-clean belt
  • Traceability and security considered
  • Professional and convenient carry case included
Powerflow 7900PF



  • Refreshing flow of clean air over face can have a cooling effect and prevent misting of the visor
  • The motor does the filtration work so you do not have to
  • Lightweight Lithium-ion battery and mask
  • Improved vision
  • Speech diaphragm allows for easier communication
  • Soft and pliable silicone face seal


The Powerflow™ 7900PF system combines a comfortable elastomeric full-face mask with an industry proven powered air turbo and particulate filter combination in an easy to use and easy to decontaminate total system solution.

Through its many design features, the new face mask offers improved comfort, confidence in protection and may lead to improved productivity whilst the new light-weight Lithium-ion battery pack provides an overall more comfortable and reliable system.

Featured Video

Click to see the product training video and learn how to adjust, don and maintain the 3M™ Powerflow™ 7900PF Face-mounted Powered Air Respirator System.

Product Information

For more information and details on the 3M™ Powerflow™ 7900PF Face-mounted Powered Air Respirator System visit our online product catalogue.

Care & Maintenance

Click the link to learn more about care and maintenance and how regular checks help to ensure optimum performance and protection for the wearer. Care & Maintenance (251K)

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