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3M™ Speedglas™ Auto-Darkening Welding Filters

The key to remember with Speedglas Auto-Darkening Welding Filters (or ADFs) is consistency.                          Speedglas 


9002 Welding filter image    They enable constant, comfortable vision to welders. They provide constant protection from ultraviolet and infrared (UV/IR) radiation and they consistently auto-switch from clear to dark, and back again, in just the way the welder wants.

  9000 filter in action image         Awkward made easier

Speedglas Welding Filters also eliminate the neck-strain of “shield flipping” while greatly increasing the accuracy of electrode placement. This, in turn, reduces the need for grinding and rework.

In addition, welders can get into tight spaces with their eye and face protection already in place. Their constant, clear view makes even extremely awkward welds a lot easier.

Meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards/approvals

Conforms to European Standard EN 379 for eye protection for welders, as well as other national (USA, Canadian, Australian) and international standards.

How Speedglas ADF's work

Each Speedglas Auto-Darkening welding filter is a laminate of seven different layers: a UV/IR filter, three polarizers and three liquid crystal elements. The UV/IR filter continually blocks harmful radiation, whether the filter cassette is ON, OFF, light or dark.

ADF image    Aided by surface-mounted electronics, the proprietary liquid crystal elements act as shutters that detect and react to the welding arc by instantly becoming either dark or light, as needed.

The level of protection from the UV/IR filter is constant; it equals a shade 13 traditional (non-auto-darkening) welding filter.