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Welding Safety

3M is now a leader in welding safety, offering a wider range of personal protective equipment for welders. The product line includes 3MTM SpeedglasTM Auto-Darkening Welding Shield, 3MTM AdfloTM Respiratory Protection and a full spectrum of health and safety products from 3M.

Our society is becoming ever more health-consious, as science becomes better able to explain the cause-and-effect of diseases and ailments. Conditions that used to be considered as "acceptable" (metal fume fever, arc eye etc) are now being questioned by many welders.

Our knowledge and experience of welders' working conditions has sparked innovative development of products that enhance welding performance and make the welder's job safer and more comfortable.



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3M™ Speedglas™ 9002 Series Auto Darkening Welding Filters

The most versatile Auto Darkening Welding Filters ever

Speedglas Auto Darkening Welding Filter was one of the first of its type on the market, bringing a new standard to eye protection and comfort for welders. The latest addition to the Speedglas brand is the 9002 series.


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