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3M™ Headgear G500

Protection and Comfort For Demanding Environments

The 3M™ G500 Headgear is a robust, easy-to-use stand-alone face protection system that is available with a broad range of face shields to meet the requirements of most industrial and forestry applications.

3M™ G500 Headgear For Industry Segment
  • A+BT - "High Energy Impact"
  • Easy to combine with other PPE
  • Well balanced for best wearer ergonomic
  • Anti-fog face shields
3M™ G500 Headgear For Forestry Segment
  • F - "Low Energy Impact"
  • Easy to combine with other PPE
  • Well balanced for best wearer ergonomic
  • Broad range of mesh face shields


The 3M™ Headgear G500 provides a versatile and comfortable solution for wearers who require both face and hearing protection. With special design features making it easy to combine the headgear with other 3M safety product such as face shields, passive earmuffs or communication headsets and integrated eyewear.

Spares & Accessories

For more details on our face shields and other spares and accessories, please visit our product catalogue...

Integrated Systems

The 3M™ G500 Headgear is also designed to be combined with eye protection. Please visit our product catalogue...

V5 Face Shield System

The 3M™ V5 Face Shield System is designed for best compability with 3M™ Safety helmets, eyewear, Peltor Ear muffs and Communication headsets. Brochure (1.1MB)

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Download Information For free downloads of G500 Headgear product information, please visit our 3M MySafety Extranet.