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Asmeninės apsaugos priemonės

Asmeninės apsaugos priemonės
Asmeninės aspaugos priemonės
Rekomenduojami produktai
Food Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing

Inhalation of dust particles from flour, nuts, additives, spices, condiments, coffee, sugar, egg and fish proteins in particular can cause bronchitis and irritation to the nose and airways. In some people, exposure may cause occupational asthma, wheezing or serious breathing difficulties.

Food ManufacturingInhalation

Active ingredients used during pharmaceutical processes can be extremely hazardous to workers. Depending on the hazard, the effects can include respiratory sensitization, cell damage and mutagenic effects.

This industry guide is not exhaustive but offers some typical industries for which 3M™ Aura™ 9400+ series respirators may be suitable.