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Absorbentes y gestión de derrames

Sorbents & Spill Management

3M has a wide range of chemical, maintenance and petroleum/oil sorbents and spill kits to meet your clean up requirements. 3M™ Sorbents are available in a variety of formats, including booms, pads, pillows, kits and rugs, so that you can choose the format that meets your needs.

Chemical Sorbents

Chemical Sorbents

These sorbents are powerful enough to handle acids (including hydrofluoric acid), bases, coolants, and most other hazardous fluids.

Maintenance Sorbents

Maintenance Sorbents

Designed to absorb non-aggressive liquids, making them ideal for plant maintenance. They are dust-free and contain no abrasive granules.

Petroleum Sorbents

Petroleum Sorbents

Used for controlling, cleaning up, and recovering oil and petroleum-based liquids from effluent discharge in bodies of water. Also used for in-plant spills under machinery.


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