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Installation Equipment, Procedures and Hardware Videos

Installing a Compression Dead End You Tube Video

Sagging Procedures
Sag Tension with Dynometer
Dynometer Installed
Dynometer Installed 1
Deadending Procedures - Preformed - Thermolign™
Mark Clevis Location
Install First Rods
Install First Rods_Part 2
Connect Thimble Clevis to Extension Link
Install Second Rods
Install Second Rods Part 2
Deadending Procedures - Compression
Mark Cable at cut location
Cut Conductor to Length
Install Aluminum Body
Cable Trimming
Pressing on Forging
Injecting Filler Compound
Pressing Aluminum Body
Pressing Aluminum Body_1
Finished Dead End
Full Tension Splices - Preformed, Thermolign™
Install First Subset
Finish First Subset
Install Second Subset
Finish Second Subset
Full Tension Splices - Compression
Mark and Trim Cable
File ends and Install Forging
Install Aluminum Body
Connect Cores with Forging
Press on Forging
Finish Pressing Forging
Slide body Over Forging and add Compound
Lubricate Aluminum Body
Pressing Aluminum Body
Finished Compression Splice
Conductor Jumpers, Connectors - Compression
Measure, Cut and Press
Attach Terminal to Dead End

Conductor Jumpers, Connectors - Pad Tap Connector
Pad Tap Connector Installed
Conductor Jumpers, Connectors - Parallel Grove Clamp
Parallel Groove Clamp Installed

Conductor Jumpers, Connectors - Jumper Support Insulator
Jumper Supprt Insulator and Armor Rods

Vibration Dampers
Vibration Damper_1
Vibration Damper_2
Vibration Damper_3
Clipping-In Procedures _ Suspension Assemblies - Preformed, Thermolign™
Install Reinforcing Rods
Hoist Conductor Remove Block
Install Elastomer Insert
Install Outer Rods
Adjust Outer Rods
Install Housing to Insulator
Remove Hoist Rigging
Finished Suspension Assembly

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