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Simple, reliable and efficient, the 3M Network of Copper Products provide cost-effective solutions for today's high speed/high density environments. From Cat.5 to Cat.6 connectivity, from legacy to NGN, 3M connectors, cabinets, blocks, and diagnostic products can connect, protect and test your networks.

3M™ Wall Outlets and Faceplates for Copper and Fiber

3M™ Wall Outlet Adapters allow fiber optic connectors to be installed at the workstation outlet along with standard copper jacks or inserts.

Bonding and Grounding Products

Designed to make a stable, low-resistance electrical connection between the shield of a communications cable and a conductor such as a strap, bar, or wire with its physical strength contributes to strain relief across cables.

Building Entrance Terminals

Our building entrance terminals consist of a protection panel, protector units, input splice cable in a divided compartment, output terminals and a fire-retardant closure, providing clear access for fast and accurate splicing.

Compounds and Cable Blocking Kits

Developed for splice encapsulation and pressure blocking, this two-part compound features excellent wetting properties and low viscosity, which means it flows quickly and freely.

Connectors and Splices

3M created the industry's original insulation displacement connector - the 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connector UR. Today, with increased demand for high-speed and high-bandwidth networks, the complete series of 3M connectors, splices and modules is more importan

Copper Jacks and Patch Panels

Copper jacks and patch panels from 3M work together to provide aneasy-to-use solution for deploying high-speed connections throughout a building.

Copper Patch Cords

Copper Splice Closures and Terminals

The integrity of cable splices is a critical factor in providing high speed data services. Proven splice protection products, utilizing 30 years of proven sealing technology, provide craft-friendly, durable and reliable products.

Cross-Connect Cabinets

A flexible ordering process lets you customize details, from enclosure size, to splice modules, to pair count, to color. You also get one-stop convenience with a full line of accessories, all developed in-house to ensure a fully integrated solution.

High Density Connectivity

The product portfolio includes a variety of cross-connect blocks, with the appropriate cabinets and frames. The product portfolio has gained industry acceptance and recognition for ease of termination, transmission performance and cost effectiveness.

Termination Modules and Systems

Our termination modules and systems provide superior connection capabilities in all types of applications.

xDSL Splitter Blocks

The 3M™ Integrated Splitter Block BRCP-SP is the latest generation of the Cross Connect System BRCP developed by 3M™ specifically for xDSL and NGN deployment. The BRCP-SP block simplifies the interconnection and deployment of broadband equipment (DSLAM, MSAP/N) in central offices and remote locations, supporting ADSL2+ and VDSL2.