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Coaxial Protection

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3M weatherproofing solutions that are quick and easy to install and provide the necessary protection and durability to ensure performance.

3M™ Pull 'N' Shrink Tubing

3M™ Pull 'N' Shrink Tubing provides mechanical and environmental protection of coaxial cable connectors used in aerial or underground outside plant environment. Two versions of the tubing are available.

Coax Closures

Coax closure from 3M provide environmental and mechanical protection at important connection points in the cellular network.These re-enterable and tool-less device make them time saving, cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions for the wireless operators.

Cold Shrink Tubing

3M's unique cold-shrink products, pre-stretched on a removable core, shrink to fit to ensure a permanent, durable environmental seal and protection.

Wireless Weatherproofing Kits

3M™ Wireless Weatherproofing Kit WK-100 may be used for general use applications, while Scotch® Wireless Weatherproofing Kit WK-101 may be used for cold weather applications.