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Cable Management and Accessories

Reliable cable management solutions from 3M can help you maximize copper or fiber network performance from installation to maintenance to repair.

Adhesive-Lined Tubing

3M™ Adhesive-Lined Tubing is a thin-wall tubing offering the advantages of integral, dual wall construction. The tubing is made from flame-retardant, flexible polyolefin-lined with an internal layer of special thermoplastic adhesive. The heat shrinkable outer wall is selectively irradiation cross-linked, while the adhesive maintains high flow and excellent adhesion characteristics.

Cable Cleaning Kits

3M™ Cable Cleaning Kits are comprised of a specially formulated cleaning solvent for cleaning grease and flex-gel filling compound from filled core cable without damaging connectors, cables or individual conductors.

Cable Lubricants

3M™ Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cable Lubricant, 3M™ Multi-Purpose Gel Cable Lubricant and 3M™ Multi-Purpose Liquid Cable Lubricant offer excellent friction reduction and easy application when used on cable during installation.

 Cable Organizers

Cable Sleeves IMCSN

3M™ Heat Shrinkable Medium-wall Cable Sleeves IMCSN are reliable, tough performers made of split-resistant cross-linked polyolefin.

Cable Sleeves MDT

3M™ Heat Shrinkable Medium-wall Cable Sleeves MDT are reliable, tough performers made of split-resistant cross-linked polyolefin. 

Cable Ties

3M™ Cable Ties secure wire bundles and harness components quickly, without slipping. The self-locking head, with heavy double teeth on the one piece lock mechanism, provides the 3M reliability you've come to expect.


The 3M™ Lettering Kit and Replenishment Decals include a line of reflective letters, numbers and characters to identify network applications. 1 in x 1.5 in adhesive decals.


3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners are a strong - yet easily removable - fastening solution that can replace screws, bolts and rivets in your designs.

Heat Shrink Tubing

3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing meets the UL/CSA specifications and military specification. It has a range of flexibility available. It is flame retardant, abrasion and tear resistant, and chemical and solvent resistant.

Sheath Repair

3M™ Armorcast™ Structural Material is a flexible fiberglass knit fabric strip saturated with black resin syrup then dried. It forms a tough durable covering that cures in just twenty minutes. No tools are needed.

Wire Markers

3M™ ScotchCode™ Wire Marker identification systems give you dozens of ways to mark your product. The line from 3M includes dispensers, pre-printed alphanumeric and colored tape, write-on books and tags.