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Victory Series™ Bands

Narrow Contoured Molar Band Victory Series™ Micro-Etched Bands feature an inside surface uniformly etched to create a more retentive bonding surface and provide significantly increased bond strength over non-etched bands. Used with either our Unitek™ Multi-Cure Glass Ionomer Band Cement or Transbond™ Plus Light Cure Band Adhesive, Victory Series Micro-Etched Bands will ensure greater band retention. You'll have fewer loose bands to re-seat, which results in an overall increase in office productivity.

Available in multiple sizes and made from strong, seamless material that resists buckling, our Victory Series Micro-Etched Bands feature proportional designs that provide broad buccal and lingual coverage. Bands are available in both regular and hard tempers to meet your unique treatment requirements.

The Victory Series™ Narrow Contoured Molar Band has narrow occlusal/gingival dimensions for optimal application and unsurpassed band-to-tooth adaption. You can also order them with or without our prewelded buccal tubes. Available with or without micro-etching.

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