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Sondhi™ Rapid-Set Indirect Bonding Adhesive

The Sondhi™ Rapid-Set Indirect Bonding Adhesive is revolutionary from every angle. This lightly filled resin cures in half the time (2 minutes vs. 4 minutes) of other indirect adhesives, while achieving two thirds of its bond strength within the first five minutes.

Designed to complement our APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliances, the Sondhi Rapid-Set Indirect Bonding Adhesive allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of indirect bonding. More accurate bracket placement; less bracket repositioning; maximization of doctor time; and compared to direct bonding, decreased chair time and patient discomfort from simultaneous bonding of all brackets.

From the doctor's angle, it means less wasted time per patient and less stress. It also means more control over bracket placement second molar to second molar, and a higher level of precision, accuracy and strength. This instills added confidence that the doctor's goal, straight teeth, will be accomplished.

From the patient's angle, it means a faster, more comfortable, more confident bonding experience. From the business angle, it means more cost effective use of doctor time.

Any way you look at it, indirect bonding is superior with the Sondhi Rapid-Set Indirect Bonding Adhesive.

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