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Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device System

IMTEC ORTHO Implant The Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device System offers fixed anchorage to assist the efficiency of your orthodontic treatment. Useful for space closure, tooth uprighting, open bite correction, molar distalization, or a number of other applications, the Unitek TAD is a versatile temporary anchorage device with both the doctor and the patient in mind.

Easy, Stable Installation

The self-tapping, thread forming design allows an installation procedure that can be done in one appointment and can be loaded with an attachment immediately. Most uses do not require a pilot hole or stronger anesthetic than a topical application, so there are very few installation steps. Choose from the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) Straight Driver, Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) Contra Angle Driver to install the implant using the hand instrument that is most convenient for the implant's location and angle. Other features important to installation:

  • The square neck resides close to the center of the implant, assisting stable insertion.
  • No part of the implant extends perpendicular to the direction of the implant, so there is nothing that can impinge with the tissue once placed.
  • The thread of the implant is a modified buttress thread form, assisting the security of the implant's hold once placed.

Versatile Application

The three different implant lengths -- 6, 8 and 10mm -- allow multiple applications in different areas of the mouth. The curved head offers a groove above the neck and two 0.030" holes for different attachment options. Other features important to application:

  • The exclusive feature of the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) O-Cap helps prevent tissue overgrowth, has an attachment groove, and can be soldered for customized attachment needs.
  • New to the system, the locking closed coil springs provide an easy attachment capability that locks into place once installed.

Contact your 3M Unitek Sales Representative to learn more about how the Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device System can be an integral part of your treatment.

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