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Customization Process 3M Unitek combines advanced ordering, design, and manufacturing technologies to create the 100% customized and highly precise Incognito™ Appliance System. The following guide outlines this unique and highly-technical process.

Impressions and Ordering

The Incognito System fabrication process begins with the all-important impression. Submit the impression and treatment plan instructions to the 3M Unitek laboratory.

3M Unitek Lab and Customer Care Teams

At 3M Unitek, the lab team creates a model of the malocclusion from the impression. This model is the basis for the preparation of the setup.

Since a bad impression/model could mean that the brackets do not fit the patient upon delivery, the model is checked for quality before moving through the rest of the process. Our specially trained Customer Care team confirms that 3M Unitek can deliver a quality product and provides support during the entire process, acting as the main contact for all treatment-related questions.

3M Unitek Lab and Customer Care Teams


Depending on your location, Manual or Digital Setup for the Incognito Appliance is available. Regardless of the option, highly qualified 3M Unitek technicians produce the setup according to the doctor's individual prescription and Andrews' Six Keys1.


1Daskalogiannakis J. Glossary of Orthodontic Terms: Quintessence Publishing Co. Inc. 2000.

Setup Review
(US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America only)

In this stage, you can communicate directly with the 3M Unitek Lab, view the setup and revise so you can get to a final result to be proud to show the patient.

If you utilize the Unitek™ Treatment Management Portal | TMP software to submit the order, the setup review is done with 3D models of the malocclusion and setup. Specialty measurement tools and overlay functionality provide a detailed analysis of the patient’s case.

If you submit the order via a paper Lab Order Form, the setup review is provided via digital photos that compare the malocclusion to the setup.

Computer-Aided Design

The digital design of the bracket relies exclusively on the setup. Customized bracket pads and bases are designed using the lingual surface of the digital model. The height, width, torque and angulations of each bracket body are customized and assembled on the base in the optimal position, based on the unique prescription for each patient. Each wing is adjusted with the intent of optimizing comfort and tie-wing functionality, while each pad size is customized and designed to deliver optimal bond strength.

Computer-Aided Bracket Design


The brackets are printed accurately via a 3D process using a steriolithography apparatus (SLA). They are then assembled in a special “tree” to prepare for casting.


Once the gold brackets are separated from the casting channel, ground and polished, the slot dimension is manually checked in every bracket and, if necessary, adjusted. To ensure that the adhesive surfaces attach tightly to the dental surface, every bracket is placed on the malocclusion model and checked.


Bonding Tray Customization

A 100% customized bonding tray is made from the maloccluded model, to transfer the brackets precisely and efficiently to the patient’s mouth.

Bonding Tray Customization

Archwire Bending

Customized archwire geometry is determined by the prescription and the CAD/CAM software. Each wire in the sequence is designed based on the target occlusion and robotically bent to the final result.

Archwire Bending

Quality Assurance and Shipping

In the final step, all materials are checked against the order before shipping. The final result, a 100% customized appliance system that includes brackets, archwires and bonding trays, is shipped to the orthodontist for treatment.

Quality Assurance and Shipping
1. Order taking
2. Lab and Customer Care Teams
3. Setup
4. Setup Review
5. Computer-Aided Design
6. Prototyping
7. Casting
8. Bonding Tray Customization
9. Archwire Bending
10. Quality Assurance and Shipping
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