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Unitek™ TMP Digital Models

Digital Models for Precise Treatment

With Unitek™ TMP, you can now place customized orders for digital models through a highly connected and 3M Unitek-supported process that allows for precise model creation.

Unitek™ TMP features comprehensive patient treatment planning information and tools for precise model analysis, such as point-to-point measurements, Bolton analysis, arch length, overbite and overjet.

Unitek TMP creates an environment and workflow where patient information is easily and instantly accessed digitally, eliminating the need for physical models and reducing storage needs inside and outside of the practice.

Managing, customizing and placing orders is easy with Unitek TMP. Through advanced communication tools, you can reduce errors and increase accuracy via the improved order wizard.

With the advanced Unitek TMP platform, 3D digital model creation and order management is as easy as 1-2-3.

1: Place a Digital Model Order

After installing the software, you can easily and quickly place a digital model order. Import data from your practice management software or enter in the information in the online form to help the lab deliver an accurate model. Submit and print your order then send your impressions in the postage paid boxes provided by 3M Unitek.

2: 3M Unitek Scans Impressions to Create Digital Models

Once your impressions for the digital model are received, 3M Unitek scans your impressions and bite registration, articulates the bite, adds an ABO base, and performs quality checks. A high quality digital model is produced utilizing your specifications.

3: View the Digital Model in Unitek™ TMP

Once your digital model is uploaded, measurement and analysis tools are available in Unitek TMP to enable you to view your model, perform analysis for treatment planning, or simply store for future reference. With the Unitek TMP message board, you have direct contact with 3M Unitek Customer Care should you need support.

To learn more about Unitek TMP Digital Models, click the Literature links below or contact your Sales Rep within the US or Canada. To download the software, click the Program link below.

Please Note:
Adobe® Reader® is required to view PDF files.

Please Note:
Adobe® Reader® is required to view PDF files.

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Watch the videos below to learn how to use the powerful features of the new software.