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3M™ True Definition Scanner

3M™ True Definition Scanner

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner allows you to move into digital orthodontics with ease.

Accurate. Precise. The 3M True Definition Scanner supports open STL files, so you can work with your orthodontic lab, design and mill chairside, or share files with other trusted partners for expanded clinical solutions. And, because your digital impressions are generated by 3M's 3D-in-motion video technology, they'll feature extraordinary detail with industry leading accuracy — providing more control and consistency than traditional processes.

Enter the Digital World with Proven Accuracy

When it comes to creating the perfect impression, accuracy is everything. The 3M True Definition Scanner is a technologically advanced system designed to deliver the most accurate, precise impressions compared to any other leading systems on the market*. Utilizing 3M's unique 3D-in-motion video imaging technology, the system creates a true replica of the oral anatomy from real-time video data. The system provides the flexibility to work with any lab and your choice of appliances. And when used to create customized Incognito™ Brackets, the 3M True Definition scans provide excellent bracket fit.

Outstanding performance to enhance your practice workflow

The ability to view results immediately with the 3M True Definition Scanner facilitates the workflow process, with less stress for you and your staff, fewer procedural steps, and less hassle.

Digital files enable better communication with labs and more efficient transfer of information. The result is a more transparent process and readily accessible files.

Technology to enhance your patient's experience

With the 3M True Definition Scanner, patients no longer have to endure the discomfort, mess and remakes associated with traditional impressions. This modern alternative not only avoids the discomfort of impressions, it also provides patients with the peace of mind that comes with advanced technology.

By seeing detailed images right on the screen, patients are better engaged in the process and can comprehend a 3D digital view of their oral anatomy. Further, the ability to review and discuss images in real-time with the doctor allows for a much more interactive patient/doctor relationship.

3M Connection Center: Store, share and connect with ease

This secure, cloud-based digital hub allows you to store and share unlimited patient scans. The 3M™ Connection Center allows for the seamless and secure transfer of digital impression files from the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, to the Unitek™ Treatment Management Portal | TMP. This provides full digital workflow for Incognito™ Appliances, including precise 3D setup review, overlay capabilities and enhanced measurement and analysis tools.

The Unitek TMP has an advanced messaging system which allows direct interaction with 3M Unitek Customer Care. With saved templates, visualization of bracket options and wire sequence recommendations, the Unitek TMP ensures that Incognito System case submission is simplified and convenient.

Trusted connections allow you the flexibility to work the way you want, providing access to multiple digital workflows so you can choose the design or product solution for the best clinical outcome.

Subscription-based Data Plan for Added Value

3M has enhanced the economics of digital orthodontics with an unprecedented low price for the 3M True Definition Scanner and an affordable approach to the data plan.

Please contact your 3M Unitek Representative today, for more information on this exciting new solution.

The tools and technology for precise scans

The 3M True Definition Scanner is a complete system of hardware and software. The system is delivered to your office fully calibrated and requires no routine maintenance or calibration. Unique to this system is the lightweight, intraoral, hand-held wand. The small, lightweight and ergonomic wand is ideally balanced to feel comfortable in your hand. In addition, the specialized video imaging technology enables the scanner to produce a true replica of the oral anatomy from real-time video data, ensuring highly accurate quadrant and full arch scans. Other systems use some form of structured light and point-and-stitch image reconstruction.

Hardware includes: Software details:
  • A lightweight, ergonomic, intraoral scanning wand
  • An HP® Workstation with touch-screen display and a high-performance CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • A streamlined rolling cart for easy transport
  • 3M™ Connection Center – A secure, cloud-based platform for storing and accessing digital impression files and connecting to laboratory services through trusted connection workflows.
  • Unitek™ Treatment Management Portal | TMP and Unitek™ Digital Models - You can place customized orders for digital models through a highly connected process that allows for precise model creation.
  • Incognito™ Appliance System - Enhanced measurement tools and high-quality imaging allow for precise review of 3D model setups, ensuring the highest standard for precision treatment.

Please Note:
Adobe® Reader® is required to view PDF files.

Please Note:
Adobe® Reader® is required to view PDF files.