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MBT™ Versatile+ Appliance System

The MBT™ Versatile+ Appliance System is a combined set of appliances and solutions that work together to provide an efficient means to address all levels of clinical challenges.

Every practice balances customizing treatment to each individual patient's needs with the need to operate as efficiently as possible. With a system designed to arrive at excellent results that are consistent and predictable, the balance does not have to be a choice between one or the other.

The MBT Versatile+ Appliance System leverages decades of scientific research and clinical experience together into one methodology. It is centered around patient-focused bracket selection, stable arch control, continuous light force sliding mechanics, accurate bracket placement and effective diagnosis and treatment planning. The treatment philosophy that encompasses these elements delivers an innovative approach to many treatment challenges.

Working with Drs. McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi, 3M Unitek first launched in 1997 the portfolio of appliances that support the practice of the MBT System. Today the methodology is employed and taught by practitioners around the world. Aligned with the values of quality, efficiency, and ingenuity, the brackets, archwires and hand instruments offer a large selection of choices to apply the system in your practice. Click below to learn more about the different components of the system.

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Please Note:
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