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 3M Technologies for Advancing Traffic Safety


Pavement Marking Services

Contract with 3M service professionals to manage pavement marking installation and maintenance programs.

Sign Management Services

Services and systems for data collection and inventory, assessment, upgrade and installation, and management from information technology and traffic safety experts.

Maintaining roadways is a growing challenge

Today, a variety of factors are converging to make roadway maintenance more difficult for state and local government agencies to handle alone:

  • Increasing traffic levels are making roadway maintenance more complex.
  • As motorist mobility worsens and maintenance backlogs grow, there is a reluctance to close roads for work because of public resistance to traffic congestion.
  • Many government agencies are being pressured to do more with less money and fewer people, so they’re looking for new ways to streamline maintenance activities.
  • Critical roadway components like pavement markings and signs are increasingly viewed as assets that must be managed for maximum efficiency and utility.
  • An aging population of drivers is requiring brighter, higher performance markings and signs.

The Solution: 3M™ Roadway Maintenance Services

With more than 70 years of offering solutions to the traffic safety industry, 3M is perfectly positioned to help. 3M™ Roadway Maintenance Services is a performance-based, multi-year service solution that can be designed and scaled to meet the needs of any government agency. It combines 3M leading technical expertise with the performance attributes of both 3M-manufactured and 3M-sourced products. Whether a supplement to existing maintenance operations or a turnkey approach to meeting maintenance requirements, your 3M service program can be as extensive and comprehensive as you wish.

Leveling Maintenance Budgets

One of the most appealing benefits of 3M™ Roadway Maintenance Services is the predictability it brings to long-term maintenance budgeting. Through multi-year agreements, costs are spread out over several years, so every year agencies know exactly how much to budget for safety improvements. In addition, administration costs are reduced while highly durable, significantly more visible products are installed in a shorter timeframe. The bottom linextend maintenance cycles with 3M performance products, installation and project management for a "life-of-the-road" solution that sets new standards for roadway safety and mobility.

How It Works

3M services are designed to reduce the inconsistencies and deficiencies of roadway maintenance. Typically, the process starts with a 3M team evaluating agency needs, issues, timing and so on. After the evaluation phase, 3M technical personnel assess roadways, existing pavement markings and signs as well as current maintenance practices. The result of this process is a proposal that outlines a multi-year roadway maintenance solution detailing performance levels, installation timing, and various pricing and financing options.

Contractor Affiliations

  • Quality contractors have an opportunity to expand their business through multi-year installation opportunities made possible with 3M™ Roadway Maintenance Services.
  • 3M carries the cost of the materials inventory associated with 3M contracts. By alleviating the financial burden of materials inventory, contractors are able to focus on what they do best: pavement marking and sign installation.
  • Contractor revenues become more predictable, providing a steady and reliable source of income.
  • 3M is committed to using only the best contractors on all of its roadway maintenance services projects.

3M Innovation

3M has been a key materials supplier to the traffic safety industry for nearly three-quarters of a century. We understand the intricacies of traffic safety and the best ways to get things done. But there is more to 3M than experience:

  • A single, trusted source that now combines the best products with the best installation expertise available.
  • Technical expertise to identify the right solution to meet the rising demand for improved roadway maintenance, safety and mobility.
  • Financial resources to accelerate the transition to more durable, higher performing products.

Document Library

Looking for product details? View and download brochures and technical documents.

More Information

3M™ Roadway Maintenance Overview Flyer (PDF, 695KB)

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