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3M Roadway Safety

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Vehicle Marking Regulations

3M™ Reflective Markings exceed federal standards for vehicle conspicuity to ensure compliance and provide safety-enhancing visibility.

DOT-C2 Regulaton – FMVSS 108 (49CFR 571.108)

Effective December 31, 1993, all new trailers 10,000 lb. GVWR, 80 inches wide or more, must comply with specific conspicuity regulations. Retroreflective sheeting must be alternating red/white with each color at a minimum of two inches in height and six to eighteen inches in length, and one color cannot exceed two-thirds of the total segment.

Side marking requirements include red/white markings fifteen to sixty inches above the road or a close as practicable, and three inches from any required amber side lamp. Markings can be broken segments, but must be evenly distributed to cover 50 percent of the side.

Rear marking requirements include red/white across the full width at four feet above the road, and full width on the horizontal under-ride protector. In addition, twelve-inch long white sheeting "L" shapes are required in upper corners, and must be three inches from any required red lamp

School Bus Regulation – FMVSS 131, FMVSS 217

Each opening for a required emergency exit shall be outlined around its outside perimeter with a retroreflective tape with a minimum width of one inch and either red, white or yellow in color, that when tested under the conditions specified in S6.1 of Standard No. 131 (49 CFR 571.131), meets the criteria specified.

- National Standards for School Buses, Federal Specifications, ASTM D4956-94, Type V, FMVSS 131 & FMVSS 217

Rail Regulation – FRA 224

Retroreflective sheeting applied pursuant to this part shall be yellow, fluorescent yellow, or white as specified by the chromaticity coordinates of ASTM International’s Standard D 4956-04 (11), "Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control."

- National Standards for School Buses, Federal Specifications, ASTM D4956-94, Type V, FMVSS 131 & FMVSS 217

Fire Apparatus/Emergency Vehicles Regulation – NFPA 1901

At least fifty percent of rear vertical surfaces of the apparatus shall be equipped with a minimum of six inches alternating yellow, fluorescent yellow or fluorescent yellow-green and red chevron retroreflective striping sloping downward and away from the center line of the vehicle at an angle of 45 degrees.

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