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3M™ Photoluminescent Film 7000PL

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3M™ Photoluminescent Film 7000PL increases visibility of emergency exit routes in buildings, ships and other dark or low-light areas; glows after exposure to light; comes with pressure sensitive adhesive.
3M™ Photoluminescent Film 7000PL increases the visibility of markings and signage in dark and low-light conditions. When 7000PL film is exposed to ambient light, it absorbs and stores energy. When the lights go out, that light energy is released and 7000PL film will emit several hours of luminous glow. Available in several roll sizes, 7000PL film is durable, conformable and comes with pressure sensitive. Graffiti, chemical and stain-resistant, it is simple to install and maintain. 3M photoluminescent film 7000PL is non-radioactive and non-toxic.

Photoluminescence provides positive guidance in "lights out" conditions.

Why 3M™ Photoluminescent Film 7000PL?
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM E207210, IMO A.752, OSHA 1910, 2000 IBC, DIN-67510 Part 4.
  • Increases visibility of markings and signage in dark and low-light conditions.
  • Delivers superior initial and retained luminosity.
  • Three times brighter than typical photoluminescent films with twice the retained luminosity–up to seven hours.
  • High conformability to a variety of substrates; easy to install and maintain.

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