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Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Product Catalog

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Detection Instruments & Monitoring
3M™ offers a line of fixed gas detection equipment and heat stress monitors. These products join the 3M™ Personal Air Monitors to provide a wide range of detection options for you and your team.

Personal Safety
3M makes comfortable protection solutions designed to ensure worker safety and meet protection requirements.

Respiratory Protection
Safety, hygiene and emergency response professionals need products that enhance and improve their respiratory protection programs, while wearers want comfort and performance. 3M offers the best of both worlds.

Spill Management
3M has a wide range of maintenance sorbents, chemical sorbents, oil sorbents and spill kits to meet your requirements. 3M sorbents are available in a variety of formats, from rugs to multi-format, so that you can choose the format that meets your needs.

Training Programs
Designed to help companies meet OSHA respiratory protection program requirements. Included are tools and programs to assist workers with fitting of respirators, materials for fit testing, software for product selection and OSHA compliance information.

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 1-List of Fax on Demand documents - Fax on Demand (PDF 60.1 K)
 2-strap Filtering Facepiece Respirator Fitting Instructions, Spa - Instruction Sheet (PDF 534.1 K)
 3M™ Full Faceepiece Respirator 6000DIN Series Exploded View - Exploded View (JPEG 290.4 K)- (JPG)
 3M™ Spill Management Brochure - Brochure (PDF 2.9 MB)
 5000 Series Respirators - Matrix - 2011, PDF - Technical Information (PDF 262.8 K)
 6000 Series, 7000 Series and FF-400 Series Respirator Matrix - Technical Information (PDF 976.4 K)
 Airstream Headgear-Mounted PAPR System AS-400LBC, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 343.2 K)- (JPG)
 Airstream Headgear-Mounted PAPR System AS-600LBC, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 346.3 K)- (JPG)
 Automotive Aftermarket Respiratory Compliance Programs - Brochure (PDF 861.9 K)
 Automotive Brake and Clutch Respirators - Brochure (PDF 84.8 K)
 Automotive Respirators - Brochure (PDF 185.7 K)
 Automotive Respirators and Safety Products - Brochure (PDF 1.5 MB)
 Breathe Easy PAPR with BP-17IS Battery - Matrix - 2006, PDF - Data Sheet (PDF 88.1 K)
 Bumpcap w Welding Shield, Wide-view Faceshield L-505, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 286.7 K)- (JPG)
 Bumpcap with Welding Shield L-503, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 244.0 K)- (JPG)
 Bumpcap with Wide-view Faceshield L-501, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 273.6 K)- (JPG)
 CO Monitor with Retrofit Kit W-2808, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 207.2 K)- (JPG)
 Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panel W-2806, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 307.3 K)- (JPG)
 Environmental Safety Products - Portable Gas Detection Full Line - Brochure (PDF 1.1 MB)
 Full Facepiece 6000 Series, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 282.2 K)- (JPG)
 Full Facepiece 7800S, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 402.6 K)- (JPG)
 Full Facepiece with Pressure Demand Assembly 6800PD, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 270.7 K)- (JPG)
 GVP-Series Belt-Mounted PAPR - Matrix - 2006, PDF - Data Sheet (PDF 91.0 K)
 Half Facepiece 6100, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 239.3 K)- (JPG)
 Half Facepiece Drop Down 6100DD, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 230.7 K)- (JPG)
 Half Facepiece Fitting Poster, English - Poster (PDF 379.5 K)
 Half Facepiece Fitting Poster, Spanish - Poster (PDF 398.0 K)
 Hardhat w Welding Shield, Wide-view Faceshield L-705, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 311.6 K)- (JPG)
 Hardhat with Welding Shield L-703, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 289.9 K)- (JPG)
 Hardhat with Wide-view Faceshield L-701, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 250.5 K)- (JPG)
 Health and Safety Services, 2005 - Brochure (PDF 1.4 MB)
 Hearing Protection Products For The Automotive Aftermarket - Brochure (PDF 2.1 MB)
 Helmet w Welding Shield, Wide-view Faceshield L-905, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 287.8 K)- (JPG)
 Helmet with Wide-view Faceshield L-901, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 306.8 K)- (JPG)
 Introducing the Welding Shield WS-Series - Brochure (PDF 258.0 K)
 Mining, Bringing Solutions to Help You - Brochure (PDF 8.2 MB)
 Mining, Products for Maintenance and Repair - Brochure (PDF 6.6 MB)
 Portable Air Filter and Regulator Panel 256-02-00 - Exploded View (JPEG 300.0 K)- (JPG)
 Portable Compressed Air and Regulator Panel 256-02-01, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 299.9 K)- (JPG)
 Powerflow Face-Mounted PAPR 6800PF, jpg file - Exploded View (JPEG 267.0 K)- (JPG)
 Respirator Selection Guide, Spanish - Product Selection Guide (PDF 391.4 K)
 Respirators for Powered and Supplied Air - Matrix - 2006, PDF - Data Sheet (PDF 92.2 K)
 Reusable Respirators Brochure - Brochure (PDF 1.3 MB)
 Safety Products for Eye, Head and Face Protection - Brochure (PDF 468.4 K)
 Safety Products For Woodworking Markets - Brochure (PDF 184.7 K)
 Solutions for Worker Safety 70-0710-4248-8 - Brochure (PDF 991.3 K)
 Speedglas Filters and Helmets - A Quick Guide - Brochure (PDF 656.1 K)
 Supplied Air Respirators H-Series - Matrix - 2006, PDF - Data Sheet (PDF 78.0 K)
 Supplied Air Respirators L-Series - Matrix - 2006, PDF - Data Sheet (PDF 87.8 K)
 Supplied Air Tight-Fitting Respirators - Matrix - 2006, PDF - Data Sheet (PDF 96.8 K)
 Wear it Right 2-strap Filtering Facepiece Respirator, Eng - Poster (PDF 534.1 K)
 Whitecap Abrasive Blasting Helmet W-8100B - Exploded View (JPEG 330.6 K)- (JPG)

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