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3M™ Glass Bubbles iM30K

Glass Bubbles
Glass Bubbles
3M(TM) Glass Bubbles iM30K 125 lb. Box
These additives are 40 percent stronger than 3M's previous leading high strength glass bubbles and, at 17 microns, are approximately half their size. 3M™ Glass Bubbles iM30K have a density of 0.6 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 28,000 psi.
  • Reduce part weight
  • Improve dimensional stability
  • Differentiate resin formulations
  • Improve processing throughput
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These hollow glass microspheres can be used as a low density filler material ideal for plastic and rubber parts created from injection molding, extrusion processes, and/or other vigorous processing equipment (e.g., Banbury mixers, etc.), offering improved processing over many conventional fillers.

Typical Properties

 Capabilities‎‎ Increased Production Throughput,‎ Temperature Resistance,‎ Lightweighting,‎ Chemical Resistance
 Color (unaided eye)‎‎ White, powdery
 Composition‎‎ Soda-lime-borosilicate glass
 Crush Strength (PSI)‎‎ 30,000
 Density (g/cc)‎‎ 0.6
 Industries‎‎ Paints and Coatings,‎ Transportation,‎ Rubber and Plastic,‎ Defense,‎ Compounding
 Particle Size (D50 Micron)‎‎ 16
 Particle Size Range (D50 Micron)‎‎ 10 - 19
 Shape‎‎ Hollow spheres with thin walls
 Sizes Available‎‎ Large Box (850 lb, 385.5 kg),‎ Supersack (850 lb, 385.5 kg),‎ Large Box (125 lb, 56.7 kg),‎ Small Box (10 lb, 4.5 kg),‎ 1 Gallon Container (3 lb, 1.3 kg),‎ Small Box (125 lb, 56.7 kg)
 Strength (MPa)‎‎ 206.8