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3M™ Stain Resistant Additive and Sealer SRA-450

3M Brand Identity. Imagery. Pattern. Water.
3M Brand Identity. Imagery. Pattern. Water.
A solvent based fluorinated acrylic polymer in ethyl acetate. The product is designed to be a protective sealer against oil and water based stains for porous stone of high density and/or low porosity, such as marble or granite.
  • Fluorinated Acrylic Polymer Solution
  • Solvent Based
  • Used as an additive or stand-alone sealer
  • Surface appearance of stone is generally unaffected
  • Can be formulated into UV stable products for outdoor use
  • Ideal for High Density Stone, such as Marble and Granite
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PM-4800 Stain Resistant Additive can be added to existing formulations or diluted with solvent prior to use. The choice of solvent influences the solubility and the oil and water repellency of PM-4800 additive. PM-4800 additive is designed primarily for indoor use. However, it can be used for outdoor applications when formulated into products containing a UV stabilizer.

Typical Properties

 Capabilities‎‎ Chemical Resistance
 Industries‎‎ Paints and Coatings,‎ Construction
 Weight‎‎ 242 lb.,‎ 55 lb.
 Weight (metric)‎‎ 110 kg,‎ 25 kg