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Internal & Business Logo Development Policy

3M has one logo and it is recognized as a valuable asset for our company. The development of unique logos for internal departments, Web sites, trademarks and products dilutes the power of the 3M brand, confuses customers and audiences, increases legal risk, and wastes 3M resources.

All internal and external communications should help protect and grow the 3M brand, and approved strategic brands, and should be developed with adherence to the standards provided throughout this site. Therefore, development of internal and business logos integrated with the 3M logo is not permitted.

What constitutes an internal or business logo? As a rule of thumb, any kind of graphic element (photographs or illustrations) consistently linked with the name of your business, brand, product or service, or with a program or theme is considered a logo.

Internal and business logo examples 

Please note: There is a distinction between the development of new logos and the creation of a theme. Key messages and images may be combined to create a themed 3M montage for a specific program or event. Themes may be carried over with minimal changes for annual programs and events. Themed 3M montages are never integrated with the 3M logo. Nor do they replace or become a new logo. New logos are not allowed.

3M businesses, organizations, locations and other groups may use the 3M logo in association with their name to communicate themselves as part of 3M on branded merchandise, using the endorsed relationship.

If you have questions about this policy, contact a member of the 3M Brand Identity and Design department for guidance.