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Expressing 3M Brand Identity

3M is an innovation powerhouse. Our continuous flow of new products, initiatives and acquisitions is strengthened by a consistent expression of our global brand. From social media to mobile apps, printed literature and packaging, we tell our story to a broad array of audiences in more than 65 countries every minute of every day. Each of these communications carries a message about a specific business, brand, product or idea, as well as an overall message about 3M.

The 3M Brand Identity System was developed to allow individual businesses, brands or products to tell their unique stories through imagery and value propositions, while still maintaining a connection to the global 3M brand.

The goals of the system are to:

  • Provide a unique and efficient way to leverage and build the strength and value of the 3M brand
  • Visually express the brand essence: “Harnessing the chain reaction of new ideas.”
  • Help businesses tell the story of how 3M innovation is continuous, collaborative, and transformative
  • Help us to emotionally connect with customers by communicating the “who” and the “why” behind 3M innovation—to help our customers succeed

The system is built on three key visual elements to convey the 3M and business brand messages in all communications: 1) a 3M Red logo on a white background; 2) Helvetica Neue Condensed typography; and 3) a 3M montage. Learn about all of the Design Elements you can use to enhance your communications.

Express 3M Brand

When evaluating any 3M brand communication, ask yourself:

  • Do I immediately recognize 3M?
  • Does it include the three key visual elements of the 3M Brand Identity System?
  • Does it tell a story of how one idea leads to another?