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Typography is one of the three key visual elements of the 3M Brand Identity System. The Helvetica Neue Condensed family of fonts was selected to represent our innovative spirit with its modern and confident expression, and because of its global availability. Do not confuse Helvetica Neue Condensed with Helvetica Condensed or Helvetica. Be sure your suppliers use this version as well.

Only 3M employees working on high-quality, customer-facing communications should receive the Helvetica Neue Condensed fonts. Use Arial Narrow for internal communication pieces. Use only the four Helvetica Neue Condensed fonts identified below. (Go to the FAQ section of this site for more font information.)

3M employees can request the four Helvetica Neue Condensed fonts by contacting the 3M Brand Identity and Design team. When you receive the fonts, save them to your hard drive, open the “Windows” folder, and drag them into the "Fonts" folder. Do not share or distribute these fonts. All employee requests and distribution must be recorded by the 3M Brand Identity and Design team.

Creative suppliers can order the four-font package by calling 1-800-424-8973, extension 6026 or 1-781-970-6020, extension 6026.


The following standards can help you select the correct font for your application and content.

Primary Font: Helvetica Neue

Primary Font

Use in all applications as the primary font. The use of Helvetica Neue Condensed sets the visual tone for the 3M Brand Identity System. See specific applications for proper usage (size, weight, spacing, etc.). Do not italicize when used as part of a montage.

Internal Applications: Arial Narrow

 Internal Applications

Use for internal applications such as Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint® and for headings on 3M Web sites. All 3M Web site text must be rendered in one of the styles included in the web developer’s guidelines.

Web and Online Applications: Verdana

Web and Online Applications

Use for body copy on 3M Web sites. All 3M Web site text must be rendered in one of the styles included in the web developer’s guidelines

Secondary Font: Times

 Serif Font

Times Roman or Times New Roman may be used sparingly, generally limited to long blocks of body copy in print applications.

Trademark and Registration Symbols

Trademark and Registration Symbols

Always set trademark and registration symbols in Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed.

Upper and Lower Case

Upper and Lower Case

Use upper and lower case for titles and other treatments. Do not use all caps. Do not italicize.

Tight Tracking

Tight Tracking

Typography in the 3M Brand Identity System uses tight tracking ranging from at least (-10) to (-30) in Adobe® InDesign® and should never be at (0). Do not use open tracking.