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3M Logo Standards

The 3M logo is a key element of our brand identity. It is one of our most valuable company assets, and consistent usage enhances marketplace recognition. Use the 3M logo in one of three relationships: 3M logo only, endorsed or branded. Contact the 3M 3M Brand Identity and Design department at if you have additional questions about using the 3M logo.

Minimum Clear Space

Surround the 3M logo with adequate clear space to ensure maximum prominence and visual impact. Though some applications call for more, always maintain a clear space at least equal to half the height of the “M,” referred to throughout this site as 1/2 “M,” around all sides of the logo. Refer to each specific application or to the logo size guidelines below to determine which logo size to use.


  • Position the 3M Red logo on a white background for maximum visual impact.
  • Apply only one logo per visual surface (cover of brochure, Web page, PowerPoint slide, side of mug, chest of shirt, etc.).
  • Use a 3M Red logo except for one-color applications (which may only use black) or for non-print applications, such as etching or embossing.
  • Use the approved electronic logo file (see below). Do not try to recreate the logo using other fonts or images.

Download the 3M logo

Standard Logo Sizes

When placing the logo on surfaces 9x12 inches (full page) or smaller, use one of the logo sizes below.

Incorrect Logo Usage

The examples below demonstrate incorrect uses of the 3M logo.

DO NOT link any text to the left, right or top of the logo.

DO NOT use more than one logo per visual surface.

DO NOT use the logo with, or as part of, another logo or symbol or create a logo-like graphic that competes with the logo.

DO NOT add the word “Company” or trademark or registration symbols (TM or ®) to the logo. Check with your legal counsel for exceptions in your region.

DO NOT use the logo in headlines or sentences. Use the letters “3M” in the same font as the corresponding text.

DO NOT reverse the logo to white, use it in any color other than 3M Red or apply the logo on low-contrast backgrounds.

DO NOT enclose the logo in a shape.

DO NOT rotate, invert, spin, angle or pivot the logo.

DO NOT skew, bevel, fold, dimensionalize, stretch, add a drop shadow or otherwise alter the shape of the logo.

DO NOT recreate the logo from type.

DO NOT grant permission for other companies to use the 3M logo without approval from 3M Legal.

DO NOT use the 3M Innovation Signature. For years, “Innovation” has been our company position and was visually connected with the 3M logo as a signature. Today, we realize that our logo inherently stands for innovation and ingenuity. In order to strengthen the brand and increase its importance, the 3M logo alone will be used as an endorsement. We will express our innovative approach by our behavior, and visually through our messages and imagery in the 3M montage. The 3M brand is strong and bold alone.

Logo Target Sizes

For oversized applications, refer to the guidelines below. These examples are intended to show a starting point. Adjust the size as appropriate for your application and design.

Endorsed Relationship Target Size

Size the logo to approximately 10% of the visual surface (as a minimum). These examples show the same size logo in visual balance with the total area of the shapes, while maintaining a minimum clear space of 1/2 "M" on all sides of the logo.

3M Logo Only Target Size

When used alone, size the logo to approximately 25% of the visual surface. In the extreme vertical shape, the logo is as large as the width allows with 1/2 “M” clear space left and right.

Reference our Strategic Brand Contacts to determine the correct usage of the 3M logo when promoting strategic brands.

REMEMBER: 3M has one logo and it is recognized as a valuable asset for our company. The development of logos for internal departments, Web sites, trademarks and products dilutes the power of the 3M brand, confuses customers and audiences, increases legal risk, and wastes 3M resources. These logos are not permitted.