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3M Red

3M Red is a bold, dynamic color that makes our logo recognizable and memorable. Thanks to the billions of impressions created through our communications, the 3M logo is recognized in every corner of the world. Always use a 3M Red logo on a white background when designing 3M communications to ensure maximum impact. Use the chart below to determine the correct color formula for your needs, and always match to our L*a*b* standard or a 3M Red swatch.


  • Use 3M Red on a white background for all applications with two or more colors.
  • Use black only when one-color application is required.
  • Print applications: Use 3M Red as a spot color whenever possible. The four-color process formula (CMYK) is an acceptable alternative.
  • Electronic applications: See the RGB or Hexadecimal formulas listed below.
  • Measurement: The L*a*b* values for 3M Red are as follows: L* 45.74 a* 67.74 b* 46.80 (Illuminate: D50, Observer Angle: 2┬░)

Request Swatch Sheets

Print (preferred): 3M Red as a Spot Color – A special mix ink ordered from Sun Chemical.

3M Red Ink

3M Red is a color defined by L*a*b* values familiar to most ink manufacturers and qualified 3M contracted printers. Do not substitute other close-matching Pantone or other ink colors for 3M Red. However, there are instances when the 3M Red spot color is not available. In these situations, use of the four-color process formula (CMYK) is acceptable. Always match to a 3M Red swatch.

Pre-mixed ink is available from Sun Chemical.

To order 3M Red Ink, contact
Sun Chemical via email at

  Download a PDF of the 3M Red Ink formulation specifications for print applications (PDF, 88 KB)

Print (acceptable alternative): CMYK – Cyan 0; Magenta 100; Yellow 90; Black 0

Electronic: RGB – Red 255; Green 0; Blue 0

Web : Hexadecimal – #FF0000

Silk Screen: PMS 485

Colored Film: 3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film – Tomato Red

Embroidery Thread: Isacord™ Thread #1900 or Madiera® Thread #1147



  • DEVOE High Performance Coatings
  • DEVTHAN 379UVA Aliphatic Urethane


Gloss Enamel Formula for 1 gallon

  • Component A 379B9502 Neutral Tint Base
  • Component B 379C0910 Quart Converter
  • UO – 8P30
  • QR – 4P16
  • TW – 1P24
  • QV – 60

PANTONE® and PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Pantone LCC. DEVOE High Performance Coatings is a trademark of ICI Paints World Group. Isacord is a trademark of Ackermann Threads. Madiera is a registered trademark of Madiera.