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3M Communications Mentioning a Third Party

The examples and standards outlined here are designed to make it easy for customers to tell that the original communication is from 3M — with an accommodation for the third party affiliate.

There are two general approaches to showing a third party affiliation within 3M communications. A minimal third party reference simply identifies the third party relationship with a descriptor and the affiliate's logo. The other approach leverages a defined zone to communicate the third party connection, offering more space and latitude to incorporate messages and visuals about the third party.

No matter which approach you take, certain standards always will apply:

  • Make the 3M identity the most prominent.
  • Follow general 3M identity standards for the communication you are creating.
  • Clarify the relationship between 3M and the affiliated company based on the precise legal arrangements in place.

Minimal Third Party Reference
Simple identification of the third party relationship

Most of the time, 3M communications mentioning a third party will simply identify the relationship with copy and the affiliate’s logo. These applications illustrate this simple identification, or Minimal Third Party Reference, approach.


Third-Party Zone
Creating a defined zone to communicate the third party connection

A specified zone is created to communicate the third party connection. The zone offers more space and the latitude to incorporate messages and visuals about the third party beyond a logo.