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3M with other Third Parties


If you are a 3M authorized dealer, distributor or fabricator developing a Web site that features 3M products or services in conjunction with those from other affiliated companies, the following guidelines will help you to use 3M assets and standards correctly.

• Do not use the authorized relationship artwork. Instead, use just the
  3M logo in 3M Red.

• Always display the 3M logo in 3M Red. 3M Red on-screen values (RGB):
  R: 255; G: 0; B: 0.

• The 3M logo can be an image map that links to, or to content
  about 3M products within the third party site.

• Make sure that the third party logo is more prominent than the 3M logo or
  the logos of the other affiliated companies. Scale the 3M logo and the other
  affiliate logos in a similar size and group them away from the third
  party logo.

• Note that it is very important that you do not frame a 3M Web site within
  your site.

• The 3M logo or a 3M product name should never appear within your home
  page banner or page headers.

• Do not use graphic images from without first obtaining permission
  from your 3M contact.

• Do not use the 3M logo within text. Any references made to 3M within text
  should appear in the same type as the surrounding text.


• Do not use the 3M logo as part of a text hot link. Hot links to that
  appear in text format should appear in the same type as the surrounding

• Never use 3M or a 3M product name as your domain identifier — it must
  follow the domain slash separator. Using 3M or a 3M product name in your
  domain identifier implies to the Web user that you are part of 3M.