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3M with other Third Parties


This example illustrates a third party presentation visual where 3M is one of a number of affiliations that are shown together.
Use this approach for a group reference situation within third party videos, Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations and other multimedia platforms.

• Do not use the authorized relationship artwork. Instead, use just the
  3M logo in 3M Red.

• Near the group of affiliated logos include a clarifying statement about the
  type of relationship, such as “Authorized Dealer” or “Manufacturers’

• Make sure that the third party logo is more prominent than the 3M logo or
  the logos of the other affiliated companies. Scale the 3M logo and the other
  affiliate logos in a similar size and group them away from the third
  party logo.
• Use the 3M affiliation on:

  1. Title or introduction
  2. Closing slide or frame

• Do not show 3M within a header or footer element throughout the