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Third-Party Relationships

By partnering with other leading companies to develop and market innovative products and services, we both can extend market reach, increase revenue streams and reduce costs. For both parties to benefit, it is important that the customer understands the relationship between 3M and the third party. 

Looking at any communication with a third party relationship, can you easily answer this question:

Is it a 3M communication, or a third-party communication?

Third-Party Relationships

If you aren’t sure, then the customer won’t be sure either.

Why does this matter? Because if there is a problem or question, customers need to understand who is responsible and who can help them. Also, a clear relationship is critical to protecting 3M’s brand assets.

Whether you come from a 3M business or from a third-party affiliated company, we’ve provided standards, examples and tools to guide the creation of your communications.

Third-party communications leveraging 3M
How authorized affiliates can leverage and protect the 3M brand

3M communications mentioning a third party
How 3M professionals can communicate about relationships with authorized third-party affiliates

General guidelines
How to use the 3M logo and trademarks, as well as manage the third party relationship