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Sponsorships are an effective way to link 3M with events or programs that help make emotional connections in the minds of consumers and the larger community.

3M as Sole Sponsor

When 3M is the sole sponsor of an event, a cause, an organization or a public broadcast program, the 3M logo should be treated according to the general standards of the medium in which it appears. It should have a relationship descriptor in a stacked format, such as “sponsored by.”

3M Shared Sponsorship

The level of prominence the 3M logo gets should match the level of sponsorship. For example, if 3M shares equal sponsorship with another company, the logos should get equal prominence. The logo’s impact should be secondary to the overall message of the piece.

Levels of Sponsorship

If 3M is responsible for an entire program, it is appropriate to use the 3M logo as in Option 1 below.

If 3M has only partial responsibility for a program, use the sponsorship line in text only as in Option 2.

Option 1 - 3M logo in big bold red lettering

Option 2 - 3M logo in regular black lettering


  • It is preferable to use the logo in red.
  • If printing in one or two colors, the 3M logo may appear in black.
  • Using “sponsored by 3M” in body text as a read-through is an alternative to using the 3M logo.
  • Do not use the logo as a read-through.
  • The 3M logo should not be linked with the 3M Innovation signature.

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