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Keeping 3M current with today's technology, 3M laptops, PCs and conference room projection displays have been migrating to a 16:9 wide screen format, from the previous 4:3 format. Management has communicated that all new PowerPoint presentations be created in the 16:9 format.

Download the New Template

The 3M Wide screen template has several changes that will be apparent. The 3M logo has been moved to the center of the page. The template has 3M Confidential in the footer as the default, but it can be removed by going into the slide master and deleting it. Additionally, the copyright statement pre-populates with the current year.

New ready-to-use template designs based on general themes are now available and located on Celum. They are loaded to this asset location: Asset Location/3M_Brand_Identity_Catalog/Consulting Tools/

Conversion Questions

  • For answers to some common questions on converting presentations from 4:3 to 16:9, please refer to the Conversion Tip Sheet.

Building New PPT Presentations

The primary objective of every presentation is to increase understanding and make a favorable impression of 3M — for both external and internal audiences. Presentations are a powerful way to demonstrate understanding of the prospect’s, customer’s or partner’s challenges and tell the story of how 3M is uniquely able to help address these challenges.
When evaluating any 3M brand communication design, ask yourself:

  1. Do I immediately recognize 3M?
  2. Does it include the three key visual elements of the 3M Brand Identity System? 1) a 3M Red logo on a white background; 2) Helvetica Neue Condensed typography; and 3) a 3M montage.
  3. Does it tell a story of how one idea leads to another?

Title Slide

Presentations Image 1a


Note: 16:9 is a ratio. The actual slide dimensions of the new default file and the layout template are 13.33” x 7.5″.

  • This size was chosen for several reasons:
    • The 7.5" height is the same as the previous 4:3 ratio height (which was actually 10”w x 7.5"h). Therefore, slide elements that are copied from 4:3 decks will not need to be resized.
    • This document size allows users to print at 100% on legal-sized paper without the need to check Scale to fit paper.
  • Refer to the 3M montage elements page or download the 3M Montage Tutorial for guidelines on building a 3M montage for your presentation. Consider leveraging a 3M montage developed for other applications for your division’s, brand’s or product’s cover slide. Be sure the montage imagery and key message reflect the content of the presentation.
  • The "3M clear zone" is a control space above and to the left of the 3M logo. Do not place any type or images above (except the montage field) or to the left (except the confidentiality and copyright statements) within the 3M clear zone.

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Text Slide

Presentations Image 2


  • Design a sliver using elements of the title slide’s 3M montage to extend the design to text slides. Given the new, centered location of the logo, a top sliver is preferable to a side sliver for design balance, although a side sliver is still acceptable. The sliver should complement, not compete with, the text and imagery on the slides.
  • Color schemes should consist of colors from the title slide montage.
  • Images are positioned in the copy and image area. Use engaging imagery to visually accentuate your message. Use high-quality photography rather than clip art. Visit the imagery page to learn more about 3M imagery.
  • Do not use text slides as a script. Use brief, concise statements and verbally tell the story in your own words. Make sure that text and narration complement each other.
  • The 3M clear zone includes the page number, presentation title and 3M logo. Do not place any other text or images in the 3M clear zone.

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Divider Slide

Presentations Image 3b


  • A modified 3M montage that complements the title slide design colors and images can be used to create more engaging divider slides, to delineate sections of content.
  • Divider slide designs can bleed off the sides, or maintain an area of white above or below the 3M montage field.

If you’d like to install the new 16:9 template directly into PowerPoint:

  1. Download and open the blank.potx file
  2. Save as a PowerPoint Presentation. In the dialog, Save as type: PowerPoint Template.
    Note: Do NOT change the file path. The PowerPoint Template option automatically takes you to the folder the blank file must go into.

Name the file blank.

Presentations Image 1a

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Video & Multimedia

One of the best ways to reach audiences is through appealing, engaging, high-tech presentation formats such as video or multimedia. Some multimedia formats include CD-ROM, DVD, kiosks and interactive displays. The following guidelines are designed to help you create video and multimedia pieces that correctly use the 3M brand identity elements and most effectively speak to your audiences. Contact Doug Salmela at 651-733-5442 before developing any video or multimedia presentation.

Title Screen

Presentations Image 4


  • The 3M Red logo is positioned on a white background for maximum prominence. Never use black as a background color.
  • Always maintain a clear space of at least 1/2 "M" on all sides of the 3M Red logo.
  • Visit the Sound and Animation page to learn more about animating the 3M logo and 3M montages for video and other interactive applications.
  • The Helvetica Neue Condensed family of fonts is used for all type.

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Closing Slide

Presentations Image 3


  • To end your presentation, you may repeat the title slide, create a closing message using the text slide or use the slide above as the final slide.
  • A 3M Red logo is horizontally and vertically centered on a white background.
  • The copyright statement is horizontally centered in black Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed. 

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Closing Screen (optional)

Presentations Image 5


  • This screen may be used as the final screen for your video.
  • A 220pt 3M Red logo is horizontally and vertically centered on a white background.
  • The copyright statement is set in Helvetica Neue 57 Regular Condensed and is horizontally centered.

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Sound and Music

Just like imagery, the use of sound and music in video and multimedia pieces is a powerful way to communicate with our audiences and adds another level of unity to the piece — especially in the case of video. It is important to carefully consider the messages conveyed, the tone in which they are transmitted and how our audiences will hear them. Consider choosing a simple theme that will not overwhelm the piece and to repeat it using different instruments and cultural styles for a more global feel.


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