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Trade shows and exhibits are excellent opportunities for 3M to inform and educate consumers and industry peers about our company, products and services. All trade show and exhibit materials must adhere to the general identity standards, yet be flexible enough to appeal to diverse audiences.

Planning Considerations
When developing a trade show display or booth, or an exhibit of any kind, be sure to consider the following:

How much room will you have to set up the display? Are there size regulations determined by the trade show or event organizers? Does the allocated space allow for successful exhibit of your products or services?

Traffic Flow
How can you best move people in and out of your exhibit? How can your design attract the most attention from passers-by? Can you engage visitors to accomplish your designated outcomes? Keep Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines in mind when designing your exhibit to ensure easy access for everyone.

What support materials can be effectively integrated into the exhibit? What is the best way to display and distribute these materials?

3M Trade Show Management Services works with internal 3M clients and the 3M contracted exhibit suppliers to help manage exposition marketing programs. The goal is to help clients meet their business objectives, enhance their image and reputation, and maximize their trade show effectiveness.

Display Components

Tradeshows and Exhibits

Overhead Banners
Often, overhead banners are the first opportunity to attract potential booth traffic, because they are most visible from a distance. Overhead towers and banners tell visitors where they can find 3M. They always include a 3M Red logo on a white background, with a clear space of at least 1/2 “M” on all sides.

Booth Headers and Hanging Signs
Still positioned above eye level, headers and hanging signs communicate the key messages or themes of the exhibit. The 3M Red logo is positioned in the lower right corner on a white background, with a clear space of at least 1/2 “M” on all sides. 3M montage elements and clearly visible text are used to tell attendees what they can expect to see in the exhibit.

Display Panels
Since they are generally viewed close up, backdrop display panels provide more detailed information about the products or services being exhibited. The 3M Red logo is positioned in either the upper left or lower right corner on a white background, with a clear space of at least 1/2 “M” on all sides. Visit the 3M logo relationships page to determine whether to use the logo in the branded or endorsed relationship. Include a 3M montage positioned about four to six feet from the ground to be at eye level for most people. Imagery and messages must be eye-catching, benefit-oriented, and quickly understood. A product or trademark name may be incorporated into the 3M montage, or it can be positioned above the montage, resembling a package design. Use collateral or interactive presentations to provide detailed or technical information.

Counters and Podiums
Counters, podiums and kiosks support direct communication opportunities and engage visitors. They can be used for viewing interactive presentations or demonstrations. The sides of these components can include imagery to reinforce and complement the overall exhibit design. To avoid visual clutter, messaging should be limited. The 3M Red logo is positioned in the upper left or right corner on a white background, with a clear space of at least 1/2 “M” on all sides, making sure the logos aren't too close to the ground to be seen.

Visit the Programs, Promotions and Events section for more examples of extending themed imagery across a range of applications.


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