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3M Logo Application Standards

The method and materials used to apply the 3M logo and other elements are just as important as the style and quality of the merchandise itself. Follow these application standards to consistently reinforce our reputation for quality and innovation. Use good taste when selecting the size and placement of the 3M logo. Bigger is not better in most cases. Suggested 3M logo positions on shirts include left chest, sleeve, collar and back yoke.

Embroidering the 3M Logo

For embroidery applications, use either Isacord™ Thread #1900 or Madiera® Thread #1147 for the 3M logo. For high-quality results, always use the fill-stitch method when creating the 3M logo. This avoids breaks in the logo that occur when using the satin stitch.

Non-Red 3M Logo Applications

Always use a 3M Red logo except when rendering the logo into a material such as wood, metal, leather or glass by etching, engraving, molding, embossing or debossing.

Screen Print Image Silkscreening the 3M Logo

For silkscreen applications, use 3M Red or match to PANTONE® 485. To ensure a true 3M Red color, consider applying a “flash” layer before the 3M Red color. Always match the final color to 3M Red color swatches.

PANTONE® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.