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3M Montage

Typographic Treatments

Use the guidelines below to understand how certain typographic treatments are used throughout the 3M Brand Identity System. 

Montage Messaging Type

Montage messaging type is a key is a design element that is as important as the imagery you select. It should have purposeful graphic impact and be considered more than just key words mixed together. Before developing communications, be sure to review the “Expressing Your Value Proposition” tool and complete a Creative Brief, to ensure you have clearly defined your objectives. Distill your value proposition into a succinct, compelling, relevant montage message. Download the 3M Montage Tutorial (PPT, 15 MB) for more guidance on developing and designing montage messaging type. Employers and suppliers with access should review the 3M Brand Key Messages, 3M Brand Book and the Brand Activation Guide for guidance and examples of how to tell the 3M brand story to various audiences.

Montage Messaging Type


  • Message should consist of concise, relevant phrases, often with two parts or ideas. Fewer large words can provide more impact.
  • In most cases, montage messages are positioned at the top or bottom edge, touching the 3M montage field. The type within the 3M montage field is reversed out in white and the type outside is black.
  • In some cases, all of the type may be contained “within” the montage, provided there is enough contrast between the color of the type and the background, to ensure legibility.
  • Montage messages are set in Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed. Use a mix of type sizes to emphasize key words.
  • Stagger justification of lines to create movement.
  • Do not use italics or all caps.

Typographic Collages

Typographic collages are typically used for inside spreads on print communications, but can be used wherever they visually enhance the design. They should not be used on the same surface as a full 3M montage.

Literature Inside Spread

Typographic Collages

Branded Merchandise


Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed
  • Use for pull quotes or key phrases.
  • Should appear to be one unit rather than separate words or lines.
  • Stagger justification of lines to create movement.
  • Words use negative tracking (-25).
  • Use a mix of point sizes to highlight key words or phrases.
  • Create each line of type in a separate text box for easier positioning.
  • Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed is recommended when creating large type collages. Do not use handwritten graphics for typographic collages.
  • Use black or colored type that complements the layout.
  • Do not use italics or all caps.