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Address System

The address system is generally placed on the last page of multiple page communications. You may also use the modified versions for single-sided communications and return addresses on self-mailers. Adobe® InDesign® templates for tier one, two and three literature include a page with the appropriate address system options.

Address System Elements

Literature: Address System Image 1


  • The 3M Red logo and address block are bottom-aligned and flush-left.
  • When using a one-line division or business name, do not precede it with “3M” since the logo identifies it as belonging to 3M. When using both division and business name, place the business name on the second line, preceded by “3M.”
  • Address information is consistent with the "Workforce Directory" style. Do not use PO Box numbers.
  • The recycle, country of origin, copyright and inventory information block is bottom-aligned, flush-left on the vertical grid line to the right of the longest line of text in the address block.
  • Since most communications are distributed electronically, always include the "Please Recycle" statement in place of recycled content statements or symbols.
  • Indicate the country of origin on all printed materials.
  • Refer to the Trademark Protection section for complete copyright and trademark usage information.
  • Include a 3M inventory number (also called SKU or advertising code) on all printed and electronic communications.

Single Address

Literature: Address System Image 2

Single Address with Long Division Name

Literature: Address System Image 2.5

Multiple Address

Literature: Address System Image 3

Standards for Multiple Page Communications

  • Top-align the 3M division or business names 1 "M" below 5mm 3M Red logo.
  • The recycle, country of origin, copyright and inventory information block is bottom-aligned.
  • Whenever possible use the same amount of information in each address block for even line lengths.

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Single-sided Communications

Literature: Address System Image 4


  • A 13mm 3M Red logo is positioned in the lower right corner with a margin equal to 1 “M” below and to the right of the logo on single-sided communications.
  • A 40pt 3M Red logo is positioned in the lower right corner with a 1/2 inch margin on single-sided communications. Use this version if there is no other 3M logo on the page.
  • The address and other information blocks are left- and bottom-aligned, arranged evenly across page on vertical grid lines.

Warranty Information

Literature: Address System Image 5

Return Address on Self-Mailer

Literature: Address System Image 6

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