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Television & Radio

Television standards apply to network, cable, satellite and video advertising. Follow the standards to create high quality commercials that support 3M’s reputation for innovation.

Television Ad 3M Logo Signoff

In 3M branded spots you have the option of using either an animated logo or a static 3M Red logo. Note: for Strategic Brands such as Post-it®, Scotch® and Filtrete®, please be sure to designate space for the 3M logo as endorsement.

Two versions exist:

  1. an animated 3M logo
  2. a static 3M Red logo

Animated 3M Logo
Visit the 3M logo animation standards page for guidelines on applying the animated logo.

Static 3M Red Logo
Visit the 3M logo standards page for guidelines on applying the static logo.

Advertising: Television & Radio Image 2

[3M Red logo]


  • A horizontally- and vertically-centered 3M Red logo (whether static or animated) is generally one-third the width of the screen, on a white background for maximum readability.
  • Use uppercase and lowercase Helvetica Neue 57 Regular Condensed for all type.
  • Sign off every commercial with the 3M logo and a voiceover saying, “Another 3M Innovation” or “Another Ingenious Solution from 3M.” The 3M logo should appear on the screen for the length of time it takes to say the voiceover.
  • Visit the 3M logo standards page for guidelines on applying the static logo. See Trademark Protection guidelines for additional information on correct trademark usage.

Radio Ads

Radio commercials and other audio ads offer opportunities to promote our company, products and brands. Always adhere to these standards when mentioning 3M trademarks in a voiceover:

Do not precede a “secondary trademark” with “3M”

Instead, link the trademark to 3M in another way, such as adding “from 3M” at the end.

Correct example

“Steri-Strip brand Skin Closures from 3M were the first tape wound closures on the market.”

Incorrect example

“3M Steri-Strip brand Skin Closures were the first tape wound closures on the market.”

Substitute the word “brand” for the ™ and ® symbols

Add the word “brand” (or the equivalent in another language) after the trademark the first time it is spoken. This is a verbal substitute for the ™ or ® symbol. Later, drop “brand” and shorten the generic descriptor, if possible.

First-use example

“Filtrete brand Filters from 3M capture dust, pollen and mold spores.”

Later-use example

“Filtrete filters also are effective in room air conditioners.”

Insert the word “brand” between two trademarks

If two trademarks must be mentioned together, insert the word “brand” (or another language equivalent) between them each time you use them. In some languages, the word for “brand” precedes the trademark.

Correct example

“Scotch-Brite brand Never Rust Wool Soap Pads from 3M outclean steel wool pads.”

Incorrect example

“Scotch-Brite Never Rust brand Wool Soap Pads outclean steel wool pads.”

Sign off every ad with a voiceover saying, “Another 3M Innovation,” or “Another Ingenious Solution from 3M.”