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Point-of-Sale & Coupons

Point-of-sale (POS) advertising includes displays, coupon dispensers, floor graphics and other promotions placed in retail stores where 3M products are sold. Prominent identification of such advertising calls customers’ attention to our products, savings or other valuable information.

When evaluating any 3M brand communication design, ask yourself:

  1. Do I immediately recognize 3M?
  2. Does it include the three key visual elements of the 3M Brand Identity System: 1) a 3M Red logo on a white background; 2) Helvetica Neue Condensed typography; and 3) a 3M montage?
  3. Does it tell a story of how one idea leads to another?

Point-of-Sale Display


  • A 3M Red logo is positioned on a white background toward the lower right corner of each surface (but not too near the ground for POS displays). Refer to the logo target size page for guidance on sizing the logo.
  • Maintain a clear space of at least 1/2 “M” on all sides of the logo to maximize its prominence.
  • The 3M montage is positioned at the top or upper portion of the display. You can include an area of white (with or without text) at the top of the display, or the 3M montage field can bleed off the top and sides.
  • Imagery clearly conveys the customer benefit of using the products on display.
  • Use the Helvetica Neue Condensed family of fonts for montage messaging and all other type.
  • Violators (claims such as “New,” “Improved” or “Free!”) can be placed within or above the 3M montage on POS displays. However, they must meet legal restrictions and should be used carefully so as not to compromise the brand or product integrity.
  • POS displays for strategic brands should follow Strategic Brand Standards.


Coupons are printed ads entitling the bearer to receive free or discounted products. Coupons that clearly and consistently express the 3M Brand Identity System help customers easily recognize and locate our products, building loyalty to our brands.


  • An 8mm 3M Red logo is positioned on a white background in the lower right corner of the coupon with a clear space of 1 “M” on all sides. A 5mm 3M Red logo is positioned to the left of the bar code on the clippable portion.
  • Include an image of the product or package and the product name on the clippable portion. Refer to the Trademark Protection section for proper trademark usage. Include bar code and disclaimer information as required in the country in which the product will be sold.
  • For small size applications, like this coupon, the 3M montage can bleed off the top edge.
  • The montage messaging type (or headline) is anchored to either the top or bottom edge of the 3M montage. The ad copy block is set in black Helvetica Neue 57 Regular Condensed.
  • The 3M clear zone is a control space above and to the left of the 3M logo. Do not place any type or images (except the 3M montage field, which spans the entire width of the coupon) within the 3M clear zone.
  • Violators must be connected to the 3M montage and must not compete with the 3M logo. Use a radius corner to enclose the violator text, which is set in Helvetica Neue 77 Bold Condensed, and can be all uppercase. Violators must meet legal restrictions of the country in which the ad or coupon will be distributed.
  • Coupons for strategic brands should follow Strategic Brand Standards.