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Out-of-home advertising includes billboards, shopping mall kiosks, airport signs, transit posters, and advertising on all forms of transportation, as well as blimps and balloons. Consider two factors when designing these kinds of advertisements: how far viewers are from the message and how much time they have to read it.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Standards

  • The 3M Brand Identity System is built on three key visual elements to convey the 3M and business brand messages in all communications: 1) a 3M Red logo on a white background; 2) Helvetica Neue Condesnsed typography; and 3) a 3M montage
  • A 3M Red logo is positioned on a white background in the upper left or lower right corner with a clear space of 1/2 “M” on all sides. Refer to the logo target size page for guidance on sizing the logo.
  • Refer to the 3M montage section to learn how to build a montage. For extreme horizontal applications, like this billboard or semi-truck, the 3M montage may bleed off the top or bottom edge.
  • Imagery is bold and easily understood. Include images of people, products and patterns.
  • Montage messaging type is built off of 3M’s key messages and must be concise to be easily read and understood from a distance.

When evaluating any 3M brand communication, ask yourself:

  1. Do I immediately recognize 3M?
  2. Does it include the three key visual elements of the 3M Brand Identity System?
  3. Does it tell a story of how one idea leads to another?

Vehicle Advertising

vehicle Advertising

Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle Advertising Standards

  • Follow the same general standards as for billboard advertising.
  • Refer to the Vehicles section for guidance on applying just the 3M logo to fleet vehicles.