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Effective online ad placement can help us target our global audiences, exposing them to our brand and the products or services we can provide to address their challenges. Today’s online advertising environment can be visually cluttered, so it’s important that 3M online ads provide a clear message and call to action.

When evaluating any 3M brand communication design, ask yourself:

  1. Do I immediately recognize 3M?
  2. Does it include the three key visual elements of the 3M Brand Identity System? 1) a 3M Red logo on a white background; 2) Helvetica Neue Condensed typography; and 3) a 3M montage.
  3. Does it tell a story of how one idea leads to another?

Online Banner Ads

Advertising: Online Image 1


  • The 3M Brand Identity System can be adapted for square, horizontal or vertical online ads.
  • A 3M Red logo is positioned on a white background in the lower right corner of the ad with a clear space of 1/2 “M” on all sides.
  • The montage messaging type can be anchored to either the top or bottom edge of the 3M montage, or contained within the 3M montage field, provided there is adequate contrast between the type and the background. For small applications, like this banner ad, the 3M montage can bleed off the top of the ad.
  • Provide links to other Web pages or initiate an email to request more information.
  • Add Flash or other animation if it enhances the understanding and impact of the ad. Repeated or gratuitous motion is distracting and irritating to users.