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3M Vehicles

Vans & Pickup Trucks

Consistently and prominently marking our fleet of vehicles with the 3M logo allows immediate identification of our company. The marking options described below should be followed for all 3M vehicles. For safety and security reasons, non-commercial vehicles should not be marked. For assistance, contact 3M Administrative Services, 3M Center, Building 0225-01-N-20, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000, or call 651-736-4515.


  • All 3M vehicles should be white.
  • Always use a 3M Red logo, made of approved 3M materials.
  • Always maintain at least 1/2 “M” clear space around the logo from text, images or vehicle edges.
  • Service Descriptors, such as “Maintenance Services” or “Passenger Services,” and Plant Descriptors, such as “Hutchinson Plant,” are stacked with a space equal to 1/2 "M" below 3M logo.
  • Service or Plant Descriptor cap-height is 1/2 “M” in black Helvetica Neue 57 Regular Condensed.

Vans & Pickup Trucks Image 1

Markings on Vans and Pickup Truck Doors

  • The logo is horizontally centered below the door handle to avoid compound curves.
  • The logo and Service or Plant Descriptor type are set flush, and positioned so the whole unit feels like it is horizontally centered.