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Business forms are used in every part of the company, ranging from simple memos to strictly controlled regulatory forms, and are sent to external customers as well as employees. Consistent placement of the logo with the form title brings a visual unity to all forms and will reinforce the power of the 3M brand. Forms must be easy to read and should also be consistent with the look and tone of all other 3M communications.

Whenever you need to create a new paper or electronic form, 3M policy dictates you go through Forms Management Services. Using one source to create new forms helps maintain consistency and saves time and money. Sales representatives can access the electronic forms library from any workstation connected to the 3M network and print the forms locally.

Types of Forms

Forms come in two formats: printed and electronic. Electronic forms are used most often and are easy to send, receive and file from your desktop. All forms are set up specifically for 3M using the 3M identity guidelines.

Forms  Forms


  • As most forms are rendered electronically, the 3M logo must appear in 3M Red (RGB 255). When forms are printed in one color (black), the 3M logo may appear in black. (It is always preferable to include the 3M logo in 3M Red when possible.)
  • Forms use the branded relationship of the 3M logo with the logo and title placed in the upper left corner of the grid. The title is stacked 1/2 “M” space below the logo.
  • Title should specify the purpose of the form. Do not link the logo to a department or division name.
  • Use Arial Narrow typeface for all text on forms, including the title.
  • Place the appropriate 3M address or contact information on the form.
  • The 3M Logo should appear in one of the two standard sizes: 28 pt. (1p6) size or 34 pt. (2p) size. Smaller applications, such as labels, can use the 18 pt. (1p) size logo.
  • When creating forms, the 3M logo font and other graphics are always embedded to make the documents transportable across all computer systems. Logos are available in the Download area of this Website.
  • Use a grid system with a variety of rule weights to organize and simplify information.