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The 3M stationery system provides structure and consistency for customer correspondence. This section contains standards for content that may be listed on both general and executive business cards.

Review the content standards then order business cards online. For assistance, call Customer Service 952-895-6761.

Names, Titles and Department Names


  • Nicknames must be in parentheses within the full name structure.
    Example: Jonathan (Jon) Doe
  • List academic degrees or professional and business titles only when it serves a real business purpose.
  • Acronyms should not be used, unless specified for professional titles.
    Example: Ph.D.
  • Ph.D.s must use either “Dr.” before or “Ph.D.” after the name, never both.

Titles/Department Names

  • Titles must be approved by your Human Resources manager. Words “global” and “worldwide” are not permitted without Human Resources approval.
  • Do not precede department names with 3M.

Special Options
Use the special options field for up to two lines of additional content. See options below.

Residence and Address

Residence and Office Address

  • Listing a residence and office address if for sales representatives only.
  • Use only the terms "Residence" or "Office" – never "Home."
Product Identification

Product Identification

  • Use the current spellings and trademark protection of all 3M brand names, products and trademarks.
Professional Engineers

Professional Membership, Accredation or Award

  • Professional engineers (P.E.) must include state of registration.
  • Sales Awards
  • Memberships


  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) content must include the registered facility name and certificate number.

Organizational Unit Names


(Official division name)
3M Division Name

(Representing more than two divisions)
3M Business name

(Two divisions represented equally)
3M Division Name
3M Division Name

(3M preceding business level)
Division Name
3M Business Name

(3M subsidiary or plant name)
3M Subsidiary Name
Division Name
3M Plant Name


Mailing Address
  • Always spell out street addresses; do not abbreviate
  • Always use the entire nine-digit ZIP code
  • Always enter “PO Box” without periods.
    Since packages cannot be mailed to PO Box addresses, do not use them on your business cards unless there is a specific business reason.
  • Use the 3M approved mailing style


3M Center, Building 0275-03-W-01
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

Building A141-2S-01
6801 River Place Boulevard
Austin, TX 78709-9988

Phone Numbers
  • Never use punctuation within phone numbers; separate information with a single space.
  • Office numbers are always listed first without an identifier. All other numbers are followed by identifiers. For consistency, use the identifiers listed when ordering business cards online.


651 733 1000
651 733 1100 Fax
651 733 2000 Voice Mail
651 733 3000 Cellular
651 733 4000 Ext. 555

E-mail and Web Site Addresses
  • The e-mail address should appear first
  • The “M” in “” must be capitalized