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About Health Care

Ingenious Solutions Transforming Health

Ingenious Solutions Transforming Health

We have an unparalleled ability to connect people, insights, science and technology to think beyond today, solve problems, and make better health possible. Our culture of collaboration empowers us to discover and deliver practical, proven solutions that enable our customers to protect and improve the health of people around the world.

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3M Health Care Solutions

Our solutions enable more comfort, less trauma, and better patient care. From farm to factory, party to meal time, we detect microscopic pathogens in food and water, and take safety to the next level. Dental health impacts our entire quality of life, and by restoring smiles, we change lives. And for millions of asthma sufferers worldwide, we enable the simple act of breathing, which can feel like pure freedom. Curiosity is the spark that can make future vaccinations easier, faster, and more comfortable. 3M Health Care has a dynamic, diverse, world-class team solving health problems around the world through collaboration and innovation.

Experience 3M Health Care

Skin Deep

The problem with today’s vaccine needles is simple: they go too deep. That’s why they hurt. We’re working on a better way.

Pure & Simple

Food safety is a worldwide problem. To help prevent contaminations that threaten public health, we’re innovating pathogen testing to make it easier, faster, and more reliable.

Inspired Innovation: A Tall Order

How do you go from observing a giraffe to treating a painful leg condition?